Drama Scholars Workshop

October 19, 2020

On Thursday 1 October, the VIII Drama Scholars took part in a screen acting workshop. Here, they summarise the experience:

In learning from our very own scholar, Viola, and Miss Debney’s screen acting experience, we explored the importance of truth behind every action in film acting, the dynamics of a day filming and the process of auditions. We proceeded to explore these ideas practically as we stood in front of a camera to observe the importance of one’s eye contact in displaying a truthful performance and tried walking correctly into shot whilst delivering lines. To test out all that we had learnt, such as how to relax for screen auditions and how to stay in frame for a shot, we finished by doing a mock audition. This gave us a couple of minutes to read over an unseen scene and perform it to a mock director whilst being filmed. Overall, it was an incredibly informative and valuable experience and a lot of fun for us to engage with a new form of acting.

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