Eco-Discussion Group

December 2, 2020

The SPGS Eco-Discussion Group has continued this half term with a variety of informative and enjoyable sessions. Chiara, MIV, details their latest meeting:

The Eco-Discussion Group, which takes place over Zoom, is a great opportunity to interact with students outside our year group bubbles and share ideas on how we can make a difference to our environment. It has also opened to other partner schools, such as Wimbledon High. This week Tian and Holly in the VII were talking about environmentally friendly sporting events. We looked at the sustainability of the 2018 Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang and discussed the impacts it had on the environment. Then we looked at sustainable public places, such as Changji Airport in Singapore, and The Green School in Bali. Overall, I learnt a lot and it was really interesting listening to other’s opinions about the issues facing our planet.

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