Our first few weeks

Our first few weeks

Read on to learn about the first few weeks of term for the new MIV at St Paul's Girls' School.

Wow! Two weeks have gone by already? What an amazing rollercoaster ride it has been so far! I stepped into school on my first full day filled with nervousness, excitement and anticipation. Coming to grips with navigating the school and reaching my classes on time, making new friends, commuting on both the overground and tube on my own, I have experienced a number of firsts. All my teachers are incredibly helpful, I feel like a kid in a candy shop as I try multiple club offerings and the team building event at Thames Mariners was a hit. I am looking forward to making the most of the next seven years in achieving my ambitions at this wonderful school.

Mahika (MIV)

St Paul’s had always been my dream school. Ever since I stepped inside its enchanting walls, I knew that I belonged. This school fitted me perfectly in every way imaginable and I was thrilled to try out all the amazing clubs and societies while enjoying my lessons immensely. I couldn’t have imagined myself anywhere else. I loved wandering around the school for lessons and chatting to my new friends, although this made me slightly late! Although the first few days were a little intense and hurried, after just a week I was already familiar with the building, and it felt like a second home. I love St Paul’s, my perfect school.

Sara (MIV)

My first weeks at SPGS already make me feel like I’ve been here a lifetime. Everywhere I turn people are kind and helpful. Teachers and older pupils had told me about the opportunities on offer, but the reality has been overwhelming. There are so many clubs I want to join – I wish I could have double lunch every day! But I know my teachers wouldn’t approve (and I might get a little exhausted!) I am playing so much netball or lacrosse and have even played matches against other schools. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.  

Anaiya (MIV)

To say the least, my first few weeks at SPGS have been rather eventful. When I arrived at my first lesson, the teachers explained things very simply and even my brain, mushed by summer holidays, managed to cope relatively okay. Schoolwork is interesting enough, but what interested everyone else was the Young Thames Mariners trip. The first thing about it was it was very, very wet. The second thing is it was an enjoyable occasion, but not one I would like to repeat several times in the near future. Some went kayaking, and some canoeing but all of us made rafts and floated – or jumped into the water.

One thing I did not expect from St Paul’s was the stupendously vast range of co-curricular subjects. From maths (to more maths) to therapeutic mathematical drawings, engineering to philosophy, and art history to dissection… I could go on and on.

On the whole, my time so far at St Paul’s has shown it to be a widely diverse, inclusive and enjoyable school and hope I will enjoy my time here.

Iona (MIV)