CSCT Summer Exhibition

CSCT Summer Exhibition

The very first CSCT Exhibition to showcase projects done under the new school directed course curricula took place on Wednesday 21 June.

All projects done by VI students were either laid out on tables, displayed on screens, or executed on Raspberry Pis in the Great Hall, illuminated under the purple lighting. Introductory blurbs provided both peers and parents with the additional context needed to fully appreciate the work and effort put into each project, ranging from short documentaries, electronics, 3D printed lamps, cars and guns, chrome extensions, memory games, whac-a-moles, and more! Each student also walked away from the enjoyable evening with an overview of all the different projects collated into one helpful booklet to keep and look over for memories’ sake. 

A huge thanks to both our CSCT teachers and the entire department for their guidance in supporting our creativity and passion – we couldn’t have weathered this two-year journey without you!

Chloe (VI)