MIV Outdoor Activity Day

MIV Outdoor Activity Day

On Tuesday 12 September, the new SPGS MIV (Y7) went to Thames Young Mariners for a day of team building and water sports!

It was a chilly morning, the first since the start of term, when us eager MIV set off for a trip to Thames Young Mariners. Once we got there, we didn’t waste a minute before we were hard at work, building rafts. Shortly afterwards, we clambered on and had to paddle them as a group – this was quite difficult to co-ordinate and really tested our patience. After a lunch break, we got on kayaks or canoes and started to paddle, most of us got stuck in the mud, under trees or even capsized! By the end of the day, we were exhausted and soaking, but it was nevertheless an incredible experience where we all bonded with new friends.

Anika (MIV)

After weeks of excitement, the anticipated wait for the Thames Young Mariners trip (a 25-acre site, including a 10-acre lake!) came to an end; I think it is safe to say that no one was left disappointed! Everyone loved the action-packed activities from kayaking to canoeing, whilst making new friends and building on newly-formed-friendships. The highlight of the day was the remarkable raft-building: everyone enjoyed racing and playing games in the rafts that they had made with their group. This day was full of magical memories, and I am positive SPGS has so much more terrific trips like this on offer. 

Ruth (MIV)

The MIV went to Thames Young Mariners for a team building adventure, packed with thrilling water-based activities. First was raft-building, and we meticulously assembled long, wooden poles and electric blue barrels with rope to create a sturdy raft. We played many exhilarating games and were drenched in laughter and water! After a hearty lunch, we dove back into the water for kayaking. We playfully capsized and nudged each other’s boats into obstacles! I got to know so many new people in the MIV and hope this is the start of more incredible escapades here at SPGS!

Riya (MIV)