On Wednesday 22 June, we won £500 and a visit to The Energy Institute, placing first for the ‘Energy Institute Climate Change’ award of the Big Bang Science Fair. Our project involved the invention and development of solar powered blinds that could be directly connected to the energy grid and power people’s homes. Through our prototype, we were able to calculate that our blinds could generate around 12% of a household’s energy per year if they chose to invest in our blinds. With our money, we are hoping to develop our product by investing in certain components and apparatus that could increase the efficiency. 

Sasha and Joséphine (VII)

I recently participated in the national Big Bang Competition, where I was awarded second prize and £250 in the Junior Engineering category for my project ‘Personal Particulate Monitor’. This is a portable device which measures the particulate concentration in an area, and software that enables the data to be viewed geographically, aiming to improve awareness of pollution and make decisions impacting health. I was able to exhibit my work at the Big Bang Fair, a science and engineering exhibition hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. This was an amazing experience as it gave me an opportunity to understand other projects in a wide variety of fields and speak to participants from across the country.

Alice (LV)