TeenTech Awards

TeenTech Awards

We took part in the TeenTech competition and travelled to the Institution of Engineering and Technology on Monday 20 June for the finals and it was great fun - straight after our chemistry GCSE!

After setting up our stall, we explained our product to groups of judges for most of the day. We originally applied to be in the food and retail category, as our product involved heating delivery food in transit. However, the judges were so impressed by our data collection – in surveys, experiments at home and research online – as well as by our analysis, that we got moved to the data science category where we ended up competing with 17-19-year-olds (being the only U16 team).

Two lovely MIV – Asca and Noor also attended, representing the TBuddy team with Yuan (MIV). They were shortlisted for the final and did truly amazing work on their fantastic project – it was great to have the double SPGS representation as well as to meet them. The experience as a whole was incredible, and we also had the chance to talk to several tech celebrities as well as receiving valuable input from tech mentors about the next stages of our project. Despite the steep competition, we still won, and we would like to give a huge thanks to the CSCT department for all their help throughout the project. Thanks so so much!

Sophie and Maddie (VI)