MIV Activities Week

During the week before half-term the MIV enjoyed various activities and trips as part of their Activities Week. On Monday 23 May they participated in Gamelan and Samba drum workshops and, for the remainder of the week, had fun on day excursions to Nower Wood Nature Reserve, Bletchley Park, Kew Gardens and the Science Museum.

Gamelan and Samba Drum Workshops
On Monday, the MIV were lucky enough to have a Samba and Gamelan workshop. In the Samba workshop we were taught about Brazilian culture and had the opportunity to play different instruments together, including the tamborim and the agogo, recreating the music people play during carnivals. In the Gamelan workshop we got to practice the skills we learnt in class with real instruments made in Java (Indonesia) and were taught how to play a melody together while learning the roles of each instrument. As well as this, we had time to participate in free play on the field and watch part of The Imitation Game in preparation for our school trip to Bletchley Park on Wednesday.

Cara (MIV)

Bletchley Park
On Wednesday, we visited Bletchley Park. This was where the German Enigma code was broken during the Second World War. It was especially touching to hear the stories of the women who worked there during that time. I learnt that three-quarters of the 10,000 workers there were women. We had many opportunities to break codes and to listen to recordings of women speaking about their experiences. How magnificent these brave women were in changing history! This trip allowed me to learn that the war was won not just by the men fighting on the front, but also by the women working behind the scenes.

Jane (MIV)

Science Museum
As part of our activity week, the MIV were given the opportunity to spend a day at the renowned Science Museum. We arrived in high spirits and after ten minutes we were led to the I-MAX theatre to watch a documentary on Antarctica in 3D, which we all found very enjoyable and interesting. After having our lunch, we proceeded to walk around the interactive galleries. Some of our favourites were the Space exhibition and the Our Future Planet. Overall, it was a thrilling experience and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to all the teachers for organising it.

Daphne (MIV)

Kew Gardens
Today we went to Kew Gardens, which was an amazing experience and we are really glad that we got the opportunity to view the beauty of this famous landmark. We got to learn so much about botany and we were able to do a fun “crime scene investigation”, which was an awesome activity. The whole trip was really educational and a great chance to bond with our friends.

Divi, Stella and Anjali (MIV)