Sports Day

This year’s sports day was an amazing experience! The first half of the day started out with the MIV, UIV, and LV battling it out in their track and field events, with dark grey clouds hanging over the Pavilion.

Everyone was cheering each other on, to run faster, throw further and the atmosphere was electric. Once the heats for all the track events had finished, everyone was let out to lunch to regain their energy and as we walked back onto the field, competition was high. For the second half of the day, the VII and V joined, as well as the sun (a blistering 25 degrees!) The field and track events were back on, and many people achieved their personal bests due to the crackling competitive atmosphere and team cheering. Stalls popped up on the netball courts, selling things, varying from bubble tea, to cute, crocheted octopuses! When you weren’t competing, you were cheering on your friends, and there was constantly something else to do and see. Additionally, a lot of the teachers were really involved in the more practical side of sports day, such as timing and making sure everything was running smoothly, but they were also really invested in the results and cheered everyone on (probably waiting for their time to shine in the teachers’ relay!)

Finally, the events everyone was waiting for arrived: the relay including the V, LV, UIV, and MIV, and the teachers vs VII relay. Due to there being ten runners per relay team, the result wasn’t obvious from the start of the race as it could all change so quickly, which it did! At the start, the LV started out strong in the lead, but after the middle of the race the MIV and UIV managed to overtake both older years with ease. The MIV were so consistent with amazing runners throughout and left all the other years in their dust coming first, followed by the UIV, then the LV, and then in dignified last, the V! The teacher vs VII race also had a similar layout! The VII started out strong, but during the middle, the teachers managed to overtake them, and although at the end it ended it up being closer, they still managed to come out on top! At the end of the day, after seven hours of being outside with the sun beating down on us we sat down in the middle of the Pavilion to hear the interform results, which were as follows:

  1. Thor
  2. Hulk
  3. Black Panther
  4. Iron Man
  5. Captain America

Nephele (LV)