Rowing Results 2023-24

We are thrilled to announce the rowing results for various races this year.

Individual Results
National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition (NJIRC)
Natalie (VI) – 2nd regionally, 3rd nationally
Masha (VI) – 3rd regionally, 4th nationally
W senior relay team – 2nd nationally and regionally
Yuna (LV) – 10th regionally
Lydia (V) – 6th regionally, 10th nationally

GB Rowing J16 sculling camp
Natalie (VI) – One of 20 girls selected out of 200 applicants

Team GB U19 Pairs Regatta for European and World Championships
Ruby (VI) – 14th – Only three U16 girls qualified in the country for the trials

Team Races
Schools Head of the River Race
WJ16 school 1st 8 – 1st Medal
WJ16 school 2nd 8 – 4th
WJ15 school 1st 8 – 1st Medal
WJ15 school 2nd 8 – 6th 
WJ16 1st 8

Hammersmith Regatta
WJ16 4x- – 1st
WJ15 4x+ – 1st
W8+ band 2 – 1st 
WJ15 8+ – 1st

Chiswick Regatta
WJ 15 – 1st  – Cup

Wallingford Regatta
WJ16 4+ – 2nd

Poplar Regatta
WJ16 8+ – 1st (cup)
WJ15 8+ – 4th
WJ15 8+ – 6th

National Schools Regatta
J16 1st 8+ B Final 1st
J16 2nd 8+ A Final 2nd (medal)
J15 1st 8+ B Final 3rd
J15 2nd 8+ A Final 5th

J15 2nd 8+ B Final 2nd