Hispanic Theatre Festival

Hispanic Theatre Festival

The VIII Spanish students recently competed in the Hispanic Theatre Festival at North London Collegiate School, performing our original play 'Romeo y Julio' about forbidden love between two players at the rival football clubs of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

We wrote the play in Spanish and rehearsed it diligently (especially the pivotal fight scene), ready for the big day.

We witnessed striking plays from schools all over London and beyond that covered both serious and comedic topics. It was great Spanish listening practise and an interesting insight into the breadth of Hispanic theatre.

Then, of course, it was time for our own play. Armed with football shirts, a yellow card, and a JBL speaker, we took to the stage and delivered an emotional yet amusing performance, which ended with a foam football being kicked into the audience and all the actors dancing out to the melody of Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. I was honoured to receive a prize for best supporting actress, which was a book in Spanish that I am looking forward to reading.

This was a fun and educational experience that we would definitely recommend for all younger students of Spanish!

Ani (VIII)